Botulinum toxin treatments

Popularly called Botox, the treatment consists of injecting botulinum toxin into the muscle area, which allows for the relaxation, smoothing and softening of the facial expression. The treatment is practically painless, the effects are visible after a few days and we can enjoy them for 3-9 months, depending on the treatment area. In our offer, you can find the elimination of the lion's wrinkle, transverse forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, gummy smile, rabbit wrinkles, a lip lift and many others. In addition, botulinum toxin is used to treat hyperhidrosis of the feet, hands, and armpits and treat bruxism or migraines.

Treatments using hyaluronic acid

These are by far the most common procedures performed in our office. Hyaluronic acid is a substance permanently present in our body, and it is sometimes called the "elixir of youth" due to its wide use in aesthetic medicine. We can use it to model or moisturize the lips, fill wrinkles, tear troughs, and face volumetry, i.e. correct the nose, cheeks, chin or jawline, as well as correct the temples or hands. The effects of the treatments last for about 6-18 months and are visible almost immediately after the treatment. After the treatment, we, of course, have to undergo a short period of recovery. We also perform treatments using hyaluronidase, i.e. we dissolve unwanted hyaluronic acid - we use the injection method and the needle-free Topilasa.

Tissue stimulators

Tissue stimulators are treatments with the use of substances directly affecting the stimulation of collagen reconstruction. These are different groups of substances: hyaluronic acid derivatives, collagen, polynucleotides and others - each stimulator has individual indications and is selected directly for the patient - the effects accumulate up to several dozen days after the procedure and last for several months. Our office offers products based on hyaluronic acid (Profhilo, Ejal 40, GeoLiftingV, Innea Aqua), mixtures of hyaluronic acid with amino acids (Sunekos 200, Sunekos 1200, Evok, HyaminoCare, Jalupro), skin-boosters based on hyaluronic acid (CG Styler600, Restylane Skinbooster), collagen preparations (Nithya, Linerase, Karisma), preparations based on polynucleotides (Nucleofill, Juvenus) and mixtures of treatments (such as Neofound or TwaC).

Tissue stimulators around the eye.

Treatments specially created for the sensitive and demanding eye area give more possibilities than traditional mesotherapy and ensure long-term effects. Our favourites are Sunekos200 and Nucleofill Soft Eyes.

Tissue stimulators - body

A group of treatments dedicated to the reconstruction of the skin on the body, in particular in the area of the arms, abdomen, thighs and sides. The most commonly used treatments are Nithya, Profhilo Body, and Sunekos Body.

Stimulators with a filling effect

Dwie grupy substancji, które poza długotrwałą stymulacją kolagenu (efekty utrzymują się 12-24 miesiące) dają delikatny efekt objętości i wypełnienia. Wśród wykorzystywanych substancji stawiamy na kwas polimlekowy (L i D polimlekowy) oraz hydroksyapatyt wapnia. Wykorzystujemy preparaty Sculptra, Radiesse, Etrebelle50/Juvelook, Etrebelle200/Lenisna.

Microneedle radiofrequency

It is a treatment that combines two technologies - micropunctures and radio waves. During the procedure we puncture the skin to a depth of a few millimetres, adding RF power to it. Micro-punctures stimulate the skin to rebuild, and radio waves heat the tissues, giving a lifting effect. By generating the RF wave, we initiate a structural transformation of collagen inside the deep layers of the skin, causing its immediate shrinkage and stimulation of the production of new collagen fibres. This results in the thickening of the skin, improvement of its structure and reduction of skin laxity. After the treatment, the effect of immediate lifting, smoothing of wrinkles, improving facial contours, and reduction of the visible pores is instant and it increases over time. The treatment can be used on the face, neck, cleavage, body, stretch marks and scars.

PDO and PLLA threads

In our office, we use two types of threads: plain and hook threads. Smooth threads are revitalizing threads (MONO, TWIN, TRIPLE threads) and revitalizing and lifting threads (SCREW and TORNADO threads) - these are threads with a delicate effect and short recovery time. Hook threads are strong lifting threads - here we select the threads individually, but we use COG 3D, BARB 4D, anchor threads and a wide range of APTOS threads.

Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy treatments are treatments consisting of injecting a properly selected cocktail into the skin to moisturize, improve colour, nourish and tighten. Needle mesotherapy should be used on the skin of the face, neck, cleavage, and around the eyes or hands. It works great for dealing with cellulite or eliminating stretch marks.

Plasma and autologous preparations

In our office, you can take advantage of treatments using plasma and platelet-rich fibrin. These are natural tissue stimulators taken from our blood. Blood is collected just before the procedure, centrifuged and properly prepared, and then injected. These treatments cause tissue nourishment and regeneration - especially recommended after laser and surgical treatments. Our offer also includes PPP, i.e. autologous tissue filler. This is a filler obtained from our blood and can replace other fillers, especially in people with allergies.

Injection lipolysis

A treatment involving the local injection of solutions that destroy the cell walls of fat cells. Thanks to this, we locally reduce the amount of body fat. During the treatments, we use peptide preparations containing phosphatidylcholine and/or sodium deoxycholate.

Aesthetic gynaecology

In our office, we perform treatments in the category of aesthetic gynaecology for moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing intimate places. We use special revitalizing ampoules for needle mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma or special chemical peels giving the possibility of needle-free revitalization, such as PRX Lady.


A treatment using a sterile acupuncture needle and a device adapted for it, consisting in puncturing and stimulating scars. Thanks to the appropriate technique, it allows for an increase in the mobility of the scar, improvement of its appearance, and reduction of pain and prepares it for subsequent treatments.

Microneedle mesotherapy

The micro-needling treatment uses a device with a special sterile cartridge to make multiple punctures on the skin that cause limited inflammation and stimulate the skin to rebound. This treatment can be performed on the skin of the face, neck and cleavage as well as the scalp or stretch marks. In addition to standard regenerating or anti-ageing ampoules, we use chemical peeling treatments of retinol, botulinum toxin and tissue stimulators.

estGen and GenFactor

In our office, treatments with tissue engineering compounds are available, which, thanks to their innovative structure, work at the cellular level. The solutions contain isolated proteins, such as growth factors, immunomodulatory proteins, and bacteriostatic substances, as well as enzymes, polyamides, derivatives of nucleic acids and amino acids, and a unique set of vitamins and minerals. These solutions are the basis for the treatment of acne skin, scars and irritated skin, as well as skin with an abnormal structure due to dermatoses, e.g. AD.

Chemical peels

We offer a wide spectrum of chemical peels, working at different depths of the skin. From basic monoacids such as mandelic, salicylic and pyruvic acids; to the so-called smart peels, i.e. peels based on TCA acid with low exfoliating potential (PqAge, PRX-T33, BioRePeel, SkyBioPeel, Glow-X9, PMP), treatments with retinol to deep exfoliating peels (DeepPhytoPeeling, TCA, Phenol) for complex depigmentation therapies such as Dermamelan or Cosmelan.


We provide the possibility of trichological consultation, analysis of test results, selection of appropriate pharmacological treatment, supplementation and scalp care. We also offer cosmetic trichology treatments: hydrogen purification of the scalp, darsonvalization, oxygen infusions, microneedle mesotherapy and medical: needle mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, drCyj's peptide treatment, carboxytherapy and tissue stimulators.

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