My offer is addressed to doctors and dentists who want to expand their knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine treatments.

Lip modelling Masterclass

Training intended for people working with the flat method - at least three confirmed training sessions in lip modelling and sending photos of ten current works are required. 

The training includes theoretical and practical parts.  

It also includes a comparison of the most known methods of flat work, modelling of "difficult lips", and case studies.


10000 zł

Tissue bio-stimulators

The training includes an overview of types of stimulators, skin ageing processes and methods to delay these processes.

The training includes theoretical and practical parts. 

The training includes theoretical and practical parts. Discussed preparations: Profhilo, Evok, Ejal 40, Nucleofill, Linerase, Nithya, Sunekos 200 and Sunekos1200, InneaAqua, Neofound, CG Styler600, Restylane Skinbooster, Juvenus, HyaminoCare, Vitaran.


PLN 9000

Powikłania w medycynie estetycznej z opiem

Theoretical training takes place cyclically in groups of several people. It includes case analysis, the latest schemes of conduct, legal interpretation.


PLN 3000

Shadow Day

The training allows the doctor to accompany Dr. Ola during a full, minimum 8-hour treatment day. It allows you to see everyday clinical practice and get acquainted with the full variety of treatments.



20000 zł

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💉 cosmetology
💉 trichology
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